The Love Story

We All Love Handbags. is a 100% Australian owned handbag boutique. With a true love for women's handbag fashion, we founded Love-Handbags Australia with one simple goal: to provide unique stunning handbags for every woman to present their self-confidence and beauty.

We carefully review and source our handbags. Only those with good quality, stunning design and affordable price will come to our boutique. We provide 100% quality satisfaction guarantee.

We love the environment as much as we love handbags. Our handbags are sourced locally and internationally and packed at the source and directly shipped to our customers. Therefore we are able to decrease the distance travelled by our handbags, reducing our carbon footprint to contribute to global environmental sustainability.

Love is everlasting!

A Love of Service.

We love our customers. We aspire to provide all our customers with a unique first-rate service. Our aim is to make your online shopping experience fun, convenient, affordable, and most importantly stress-free!

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