Eco Friendly Shipping

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint.

We love the environment as much as we love handbags.

Eco Friendly Shipping.

By directly sourcing our range of handbags, we have been able to dramatically decrease the carbon footprint of our bags.

For example, a handbag manufactured in China travelling via the European market to arrive in Australia would generate a carbon footprint almost 5 times as much when compared to sourcing the handbag in China and delivering directly to an Australian customer.

Our handbags are packed at the source and directly shipped to our customers in Australia. By consolidating our shipments directly from the source, we are able to decrease the distance travelled by our handbags, reducing our carbon footprint.

Eco Friendly Tele-conferencing.

We took an office-wide look at our air travel requirements, seeking further carbon reduction opportunities. We rely on phone and video conferences for many of our meetings with our suppliers and distributers. We benefit from decreased costs (savings that are passed on to our customers) at the same time that we're helping the planet.